As MUHENDISLIK GRUBU INC, we are a very specialized company in “Sheet Metal Fabrication”, “Pressure Vessels and Expansion Vessels” and "Chemical Reactors" production. Our reliable and quality products have been used all around the world
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Sheet Metal Works
We have experience in finishing any kind of steel construction, sheet metal fabrication and supply pressure vessels, reactors and storage tanks, silencers for chemical, food processing, petrochemical, air handling systems and for many other industries according to the customer specifications and in accordance with the current regulations

Pressure Vessels- Expansion Vessels
Any kind of Pressure Vessels, Tanks according to PED standards and if required with TUV approval and Expansion Vessels.

Chemical Reactors
Water and Solvent/Organic based Acrylic and Vinyl Resins, Alkyd Resins, Amino Resins; Including Know-How and Technology Transfer if requested.